College students who are pursuing a degree in computer science will have many career opportunities when they complete their studies. For those who have a desire to travel, spending a semester, summer or academic year abroad is a great experience. These are some of the best options for computer science majors.

1. Anglo-American University In Czech Republic

This opportunity from CEA at the Anglo-American University gives computer science students the chance to put their skills to use in Prague. There are several opportunities ranging from a semester to a full academic year, and summer programs are available for some study paths. Summer classes are shorter and more accelerated. Students have the benefit of taking all classes in English. For English-speaking students, this is one of the best universities for study abroad programs.

2. University Of Otago In New Zealand

The University of Otago in Dunedin is New Zealand’s oldest college. It was established in the 1860s and is known today for its focus on quality research. Students who enjoy research and are enrolled in a computer science program will enjoy this location. As part of an initiative to get more American students to attend the university, there is also a scholarship opportunity for free housing. Since it is only offered to students from the United States, it is a worthwhile investment of time to apply for it. Courses are measured as papers instead of credit hours but are transferrable to most U.S. educational institutions.

3. University Of Limerick In Ireland

AIFS works with the University of Limerick to offer single-semester or full-year study abroad programs to American students who are seeking computer science degrees. A minimum GPA of 2.9 is required for admission. This university was rated as the top school for a good living experience in 2012, and it is known as one of Europe’s most prestigious universities. Although classes are offered in English, there are also Irish language and culture classes that students may enjoy taking as electives.

4. iXperience In South Africa

This program is unique and described as “epic” by iXperience. For students who do not want to commit to a fall semester, spring semester or entire academic year, iXperience in Cape Town is a good option. The program takes place during the summer and lasts for only 8 weeks. The classes are immersive, which means that students have an intense learning experience. Students also put their skills to work in the real world by completing an internship with a local company. By providing students with learning tools and the opportunity for hands-on practice, this company helps turn them into sharper problem-solving leaders.

5. AIT In Hungary

AIT in Budapest is focused on building leaders and innovators in computer science and technology. In an effort to build their American attendance, the school offers several study abroad options for computer science majors and students in similar concentrations. American students work closely to collaborate with Hungarian classmates and their instructors to develop solutions and new ideas. It is a great choice for students who are entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators. The program closes the gap between industry and studying by giving students hands-on opportunities and putting them at the center of both work and learning. Basic concepts of computer technology and a 3.0 GPA are required for admission.

Computer science majors will find several other study abroad opportunities in nearly every country from the United Arab Emirates to Australia. The first step toward a successful future is finding the right degree program.

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