Today we discuss five inspiring TED Talks about women in technology. Women have broken down so many walls in the last several decades. From the military, to blue collar jobs, to pay equality and more, women have rewritten the rules in all areas. Here we shine the light specifically on that same phenomenon in technology. Be inspired like the rest of us by these five TED Talks about women in technology.

Tan Le: My Immigration Story

The first in our list of Ted Talks about women in technology is nothing short of absolutely inspirational. Here, Tan Le tells the story of her life, beginning with her family’s flight from a difficult life in Vietnam and her own subsequent rise in America through hard work and dedication. Le discusses her current endeavors and accomplishments in the field of electroencephalography. She is the CEO and original founder of Emotiva, a bioinformatics company pioneering new methods in the neurological area of modern medicine.

Kate Hartman: The Art Of Wearable Communication

To be a pioneer does not necessarily mean one must be serious and unflinching at all times. Kate Hartman’s light-hearted approach to her inventive process certainly makes her no less of a pioneer among women in technology. In this fun TED Talk, we get a glimpse into Hartman’s creative process and creations. Her Talk To Yourself Hat and Glacier Embracing Suit are show-stealers. Using her creative abilities and technical savy, Hartman continues to create new devices that spawn innovative, new methods of expression.

Patience Mthunzi: Could We Cure HIV With Lasers?

Patience Mthunzi’s rise to importance in the tech world is also an inspirational one. Starting from the bottom, Mthunzi became educated and worked her way up to being a highly respected researcher in the field of laser sciences. Although in early stages, Mthunzi has now begun a quest to use lasers to destroy HIV cells in humans. One of an endless array of authoritative sources on pioneering lasers in medicine, SPIE can be seen here, championing the many expanding possibilities of lasers in medicine, undoubtedly supporting missions like that of Mthunzi. With encouragement like this, Mthunzi discloses the entirety of her purpose and its path to fruition in this inspirational presentation.

Heather Knight: Silicon-Based Comedy

Yet another light-hearted but inspiring offering in our list of TED Talks about women in technology is that of Heather Knight. Knight is a cutting-edge roboticist and leader of Marilyn Monrobot, a robotics firm specializing in artificial intelligence and robotic interface. Her TED Talk consists of some valuable spoken insight as well as a very likable and telling comedy act by Data, her robot. Displaying her company’s abilities in artificial intelligence, Knight lets Data do its thing, wowing the audience through plenty of interaction and witty comedy.

Nonny De La Pena: The Future Of News? Virtual Reality

The final entry in our list of inspiring TED Talks about women in technology comes to us courtesy of Nonny De La Pena, inventor, virtual reality pioneer, and CEO of Emblematic Group. In this thought-provoking presentation, De La Pena asserts her current focus: a form of virtual reality news. The aim of her current project is to create a groundbreaking new form of media that allows the audience to experience programs such as the news via all senses, entirely courtesy of a new form of virtual reality. The benefits and possibilities of this endeavor are well outlined within the talk and as an audience, we are left reminded of the power of a woman with a dream and desire to make it real.

This listing is only representative of five examples in a wide revolution, an uprising of the power of women in the world of innovation. We encourage you to investigate more inspirational TED Talks about women in technology on your own at

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