Magazines for Tech Professionals

  • MIT Technology Review
  • Information Week
  • Computer World
  • PC World
  • Wired

Within the vast flood of information relating to technological changes and products, reputable tech magazines make it possible for professionals to successfully maneuver and make sense of the information. As the Huffington Post reports, technology is changing at a faster than ever pace, making it difficult to make IT business decisions or keep up with evolving programming trends. Print and online publications fact check and organize information to help leaders and tech professions thrive in the shifting landscape. While many publications claim to fill these roles in a reliable and up-to-date manner, not all of them are worth reading. Here are a few of the best.

1. MIT Technology Review

The MIT Technology Review is a bi-monthly print magazine that has the distinction of being the world’s longest running tech magazine. Founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1899, the magazine seeks to curate tech information, reviews, and impacts to make it accessible to business and tech professionals. The Review believes in the positive potential of technology and has a mission of guiding the use of tech to solve problems and enhance the human condition. Covering a range of topics from IT in business to biotech, this journal is one of the most reputable guides to current technology.

2. Information Week

One of many online tech magazines, Information Week seeks to connect the IT leadership community through knowledge and networking. The journal only reports on tech products or innovations that directly impact business progress, function, and productivity. Articles written by journalists, peers, and subject experts provide advice and resources on topics like government IT, company data, and security technology.

3. Computer World

Computer World is a website and digital magazine that provides advice, instruction, and reviews on technology and advances specifically relating to computers. The site features links to top tech bloggers who are experts in operating systems and using related technology in businesses. Topics of interest to Computer World are computer hardware, use of the cloud, internet technology, the creation of networks, and digital security. Some of the publication’s most popular articles are tutorials for navigating software products such as “How to Handle Windows 10 Updates.”

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4. PC World

Professionals seeking advice about new gadgets or devices can find a wealth of reviews, tutorials, and information on PC World, an online magazine that posts up-to-date tech knowledge through its website. Professionals who subscribe to the digital magazine receive access to content before it is published on the site. Free weekly newsletters are also available for individuals who would like a more frequent source of information delivered to them.

5. Wired

A publication of Condé Nast, Wired is a monthly magazine that features a variety of tech information including reviews of new products and analyses about technology’s impact on current culture. The magazine is accessible to less tech-savvy individuals and includes quirky articles that find an interested audience both within and outside of the tech community. Most of the content in Wired is eventually published online. The Wired website also contains general interest videos by professionals on topics like the most searched questions on the Internet. This magazine may be viewed in the Condé Nast app.

The ability to navigate tech trends can open new possibilities for businesses. Tech magazines can be an invaluable resource for the endless task of staying updated on technology innovations and products.

Source: Huffington Post