Five Important Cybersecurity Podcasts

  • Threatpost Digital Underground
  • Defrag This
  • Southern Fried Security Podcast
  • Down the Security Rabbithole
  • Crypto-Gram Security

Combining technical skills with computer science theory, cybersecurity professionals work in a variety of capacities to keep information safe, and many of these experts share their knowledge on popular podcasts about cybersecurity. They discuss topics from cloud security to network protections and cyber-espionage prevention as well as some of the latest causes of data breaches and solutions. One of the most difficult parts of the job is detecting vulnerabilities in a system, and podcast updates can provide clues on some of the latest trends in hacking. Some popular shows include the following.

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1. Threatpost Digital Underground

As one of the longest-running shows about cybersecurity, Threatpost Digital Underground has published interviews with security experts along with weekly news updates since 2008. The podcast is hosted by Lindsey O’Donnell and Tom Spring who have many years of experience covering the tech industry. They discuss topics like mobile app security, privacy protections, infrastructure, and encryption. A key aspect of their coverage is the analysis of major data breaches and ransomware attacks on corporations and governments.

2. Defrag This

Published by Ipswitch, a software development company, this podcast is one of the newer shows with a few episodes published each month. With more than ten years of experience, host Greg Mooney has worked in software development and securities in a variety of different industries and uses his expertise to analyze current events and trends in cybersecurity. Often, he invites guests onto his show, and they discuss a specific specialty like cryptocurrency, protection of healthcare data, or social media phishing.

3. Southern Fried Security Podcast

This cybersecurity podcast has over 200 episodes currently available although does have a somewhat irregular publishing schedule. For roughly 30 minutes, hosts, Andy Willingham, Martin Fisher, Steve Ragan, Yvette Johnson, and Joseph Sokoly, talk about data protection and information security from a less technical point of view. As Forbes reports, a thorough knowledge of cybersecurity techniques is beneficial in most professions because nearly every aspect of modern life is somehow on a network. The Southern Fried Security Podcast helps members of management better understand the importance and techniques of having adequate network protections.

4. Down the Security Rabbithole

Featuring commentary by tech experts Rafal Los and James Jardine, DtSR is published weekly and alternates between a discussion of news and interviews with individuals working in the industry. Their podcast focuses on the technical and coding aspects of cybersecurity, and they emphasize the balancing act between protections and program usability. They also occasionally discuss professional development topics like attending industry conferences, legal issues related to data breaches, and the benefits and difficulties of self-employment.

5. Crypto-Gram Security

This podcast has offered monthly episodes since 2005 and is the only show that focuses specifically on encryption. Bruce Schneier is internationally known as an experienced cryptographer and has many years of experience in data protection as well as technical writing. Each month, he writes the script for the show focusing on ways the industry is changing and how encryption can keep up to date including developments in artificial intelligence and the expanding internet of things.

As with most technological fields, cybersecurity techniques are constantly evolving, and part of the job involves staying current on industry updates to provide the most cutting-edge protections. Listening to podcasts about cybersecurity is an efficient way to keep up to date and learn from top professionals.