Popular Computer Science Podcasts

  • Wired UK
  • Podnutz
  • Call That Girl Office 365
  • Mike Tech Show
  • IT Jetpack

Looking for podcasts about computer science to expand your knowledge? Now is definitely time to do so, especially as the industry as a whole is expanding at a rapid-fire rate. Here are five popular podcasts to keep in mind when searching for a new computer shows for your commute.

1. Wired UK

The Wired UK Podcast is a general podcast that, while it doesn’t focus just on computer information, is still a popular podcast. This weekly podcast runs down the best of tech, science, and business, allowing computer geeks in the industry the chance to see how their work affects other industries and society as a whole. The shows are not as in-depth as some other podcasts, but the good news is that the team at Wired UK make it a point to suggest articles and sources for their audience members so they can do their own research. New podcasts are available every Friday.

2. Podnutz

Not just one podcast, Podnutz is a network of shows that covers specialty topics, all having to do with computers. The shows, which are run by expert techs, can range from computer repairs to mini-PCs, Linux to Ruby on Rails, and app development to web development. The shows are frequently updated with the most current news and trends, ensuring that the audience stays updated on important issues. This network of shows is updated frequently, with an average of one to three shows uploaded every week, and can range from one hour to 90 minutes in length.

3. Call That Girl Office 365

Call That Girl Office 365 is a podcast that is dedicated specifically to Office 365. It’s run by a woman who works with clients, focusing on issues caused by the software itself. Lisa, the host, talks about work issues she’s solved for clients; sometimes she also goes into general computer business issues. That’s important because as a businesswoman, her expertise in both areas makes her an expert in the field. As a specialty podcast, Call That Girl Office 365 is built for Windows and Office 365 users, making it a great choice for audience members who solely use this software.

4. Mike Tech Show

The Mike Tech Show is perfect for computer geeks who love podcasts that focus on software as much as hardware. This show is about the details of working with computers and tends to put a spotlight on new and interesting trends and services. Unlike other podcasts in this genre, the Mike Tech Show makes a concerted effort to go in-depth about the issue, trend, or technology discussed on the show, ensuring that the audience has a good understanding of the issue at hand. These episodes are recorded every two weeks and can run anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour.

5. IT Jetpack

A great live show as well as a podcast, computer geeks with a mind for business absolutely love IT Jetpack. This show, which starts off as a live event and then becomes downloadable later in the week, showcases business owners that specialize in computers. These experts talk about computers, business, trends, and any other issues that are facing their sector at the moment. At the end of each show is an “Ask Me Anything” segment where audience members who are listening in on the live event can ask the guests questions. This podcast is recorded monthly.

Since most of Western society thrives on computers, without the experts who can repair our devices or advance the technology, we would be lost. With these five podcasts for computer geekss in the back of your mind, you are well prepared to delve into the realm of computers.