Software Design Scholarships

  • Apple
  • Delphix
  • Entertainment Software Association
  • Google and Lime Connect
  • MakerSquare

In this age of technology, software design is a lucrative career field with high demand for new employees fresh out of college. For many, the toughest obstacle is paying for the education to get there. Even with options such as online courses and work-study opportunities, many college graduates barely make enough money in their new careers to cover their student loan payments. Scholarships such as these five make it possible to pay for a software design degree without graduating in debt.

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1. Apple

One of the leaders in modern software design, Apple recognizes the financial hardships faced by software designers of the future. They know that many software design programs require that students attend costly conferences. This is why they offer their WWDC Scholarships for students to attend their own Worldwide Developers annual conferences. This award not only covers conference attendance, but also a play to stay and a one-year membership to the Apple Developer Program. The networking opportunities alone could set students on a pathway for a successful career.

2. Delphix

Even in our comparatively progressive society, women and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds still have a particularly difficult time succeeding in the software design industry. Delphix, therefore, offers two $5000 scholarships annually. One is for all students struggling with sociodemographic disadvantages, and the other is specifically for female students. Applicants must demonstrate their commitment to the field by submitting an original and innovative software design project.

3. Entertainment Software Association

In keeping with the spirit of helping those who need it most, the Entertainment Software Association also offers annual scholarships to minority and female students. They offer 15 scholarships to graduating high school seniors and 15 more to currently enrolled, full-time undergraduate students majoring in computer engineering, software engineering, game design, software development, or game development. Each scholarship totals $3000. Applicants eligible for this software design scholarship must hold a GPA of at least 2.75, and demonstrate commitment to future careers in computer or video game arts.

4. Google

Another software design giant, Google aims to extend financial support to students living with disabilities. In partnership with Lime Connect, the Google Lime Scholarship offers $10,000 to both undergraduate and graduate students. Eligible applicants may have either a visible or invisible disability and must be working toward degrees in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, or other closely related technical fields. They must demonstrate leadership skills and academic achievement, as well as submit letters of recommendation. In addition to the financial award, winners receive a trip to the Google Scholars’ Retreat at the Googleplex in Mountain View.

5. MakerSquare

MakerSquare is an immersion school for software engineering located in both San Francisco and Austin. They offer a MakerSquare Heroes Scholarship for military veteran students. The award totals $16,920, which covers full tuition. Eligibility requires proof of honorable discharge and a high school diploma, as well as demonstrated commitment to software design scholarship and career development. Information is available through the MakerSquare Facebook page.

Software designers of tomorrow have the financial ability to design their academic pursuits today. These five scholarships for software design offer so much more than money. They offer hope, direction, and in the cases of a couple of them, networking opportunities and once in a lifetime trips to the software design hubs of America.