From cyber warfare to hacking, there are many TED talks that cover cyber security issues. Ranging from white hat hackers to cyber security experts, these videos discuss the very real threat faced by society today. Through these talks, viewers can learn more about the topic and find ways to prevent themselves from becoming the victim of cyber criminals.

1. Everyday Cybercrime—And What You Can Do About It

In the modern era, cybercrime continues to be an issue. Malware, viruses and hackers can infiltrate a computer with ease and steal personal information. While many people worry about the NSA watching their e-mails, the real concern is cyber criminals. James Lyne reminds us in this TED talk that the NSA is not the only one watching. Through weak code and trusting natures, many people are victims of online criminals. Fortunately, Lyne offers solutions that people can use to defend their security.

2. Fighting Viruses, Defending the Net

The first computer virus, Brain A, hit the world 25 years ago. Since that original annoyance, cybercrime has become an increasing problem. Mikko Hypponen addresses this problem in his TED talk by focusing on new viruses that are threatening the Internet. Whether these tools are used by criminals or spies, the viruses are a continued threat to personal security.

3. Hackers: The Internet’s Immune System

While most people view hackers as an annoyance or a security threat, Keren Elazari believes that they can be a force for good in the world. Hackers force cybersecurity to continuously evolve and improve. While some hackers are criminals, others are working to expose vulnerabilities in programs to help protect security. Other hackers work as human rights advocates and fight government corruption. There is certainly a dark side to the hacking community, but Keren Elazari encourages individuals to focus on the benefits of hackers as well.

4. All Your Devices Can Be Hacked

The title of this TED talk is unsurprising. Most people know that their devices can be hacked, and they use anti-virus programs to protect against it. What makes this TED talk startling is the range of devices that are affected. While Avi Rubin shows how hackers can compromise traditional devices like smartphones, he also considers the ways that medical devices like pacemakers and cars can be hacked. This TED talk is a warning for society about the dependence on technology in a world that is increasingly easier to hack.

5. The 1s and 0s Behind Cyber Warfare

As a cybersecurity researcher and an expert in the field, Chris Domas is at the front lines of cyber warfare. In his TED talk, he looks at the ways researches use reverse engineering and pattern recognition to understand the purpose of specific pieces of binary code. This interesting and unusual TED talk provides an insider’s take on the future of warfare and cybersecurity.

Throughout these TED talks, viewers will be enlightened, entertained and intrigued by the latest developments in the field of cybersecurity. As society becomes more dependent on technology, security concerns will become increasingly important. These talks provide insight into the ways that we can protect our homes, families and devices from hacking.

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