5-trending-computer-science-specialization-areasRapid changes in technology mean that professionals with computer skills and technical knowledge are always in demand. If you’re looking into a career in computer science, you may want to consider specializing in one of these popular areas.

Software Engineer

Any individual or corporation that uses computer systems needs software to support the work they do. This puts software engineers in high demand. With hundreds of thousands of jobs expected to be added to the field in the next few years, this is a lucrative career choice for those who enjoy creative problem solving. Software engineers spend their time designing, coding and deploying software solutions based on specific needs. These solutions could be in the form of a traditional software program, cloud-based software-as-a-service, mobile apps or the operating systems that create the framework in which other software runs.

Web Developer

Many organizations don’t have enough manpower to dedicate to the creation and maintenance of a web presence. Hiring a web developer shifts the burden away from onsite staff and ensures the implementation of a professional-quality website. Web developers are responsible for putting together a site’s layout, writing content and monitoring performance once the site goes live. Backing up files on a regular basis is also an essential part of the job. To work in this field, you need a solid grasp of design concepts, strong writing skills and knowledge of current design trends.

Database Engineer

The era of “big data” means that companies are dealing with vast amounts of information on a daily basis. Everything from customer data to inventory details needs to be organized in a way that makes it easy to access and understand. Database engineers evaluate a company’s needs in these areas and build database systems accordingly. Working in this field means being in charge of database backups and updates so that copies of all essential information are always available in the event of a system failure. You may also create new databases as required to aid companies in scaling up their infrastructure.

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Information Security Analyst

All the data streaming into businesses needs to be kept secure in order to maintain the privacy of customers and clients. With more people relying on mobile devices to browse, shop and make payments and more companies allowing employees to use their own devices at work, data breaches are becoming increasingly common. As an information security analyst, your job is to assess the adequacy of current security systems, identify weak points and apply fixes to prevent malicious users from accessing data. Companies that want to maintain a positive brand image recognize the need for someone with the skills to ensure secure systems.

Computer Systems Analyst

Companies can’t operate efficiently without the correct computer systems in place to collect and manage data. As a computer systems analyst, it’s up to you to consider what technology an organization needs and put together the best system to support their unique vision and goals. This includes hardware and software that works together to streamline operations and deliver the best possible user experience. The systems you design need to facilitate the seamless transfer of information between departments while maintaining the integrity of the data. This requires staying on top of current trends in technology so that you know exactly what tools are available.

However you choose to apply your computer science degree, you’ll work in a field that offers continual opportunities for growth. There will always be someone in need of your skills to help their business or organization better utilize current technologies to compete in the modern market.