If you’re like thousands of people around the country and around the world, you’re probably interested in wearable technology or already own some. Technology has come so far in such a short amount of time; it’s amazing what new technologies emerge every day. We’ve put together a list of 5 companies that are entering the wearable technology industry with a bang.


The idea of wearing smart clothing has long been dreamed about and slowly it’s beginning to happen. Vitali is a Canadian company that makes smart sports bras that have the ability to monitor heart rate variability, breathing, and even posture. The bra’s creator suffered from depression and aims to help women keep a closer eye on their stress and what triggers it. Founder Cindy Gu’s fresh idea has already exploded; with backing coming from the prestigious HAX accelerator program.

BSX Technologies

This startup is based in Texas and was founded in 2012. The company began its focus on creating wearables for athletes that would be able to detect lactate threshold. Soon after creating his goal, Dustin Freckleton (who had suffered a stroke from dehydration) and his team at BSX Technologies created the first hydration monitoring wearable. The company quickly began receiving financial backing to produce LVL, the wearable that tracks hydration, fitness, heart rate, and sleep. BSX isn’t planning on stopping there and has big plans for future wearables.

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Revolar made it onto Inc. Magazine’s list of “8 Top Tech Wearables Startups To Know” for their wearable gadget that attaches to clothing and notifies contacts of their location if they are ever in danger. Founders wanted to create a device that would help end the stigma of “asking for help.” The product was picked up so quickly that it can be found at a wide variety of retailers. Other companies are following Revolar’s lead by creating their own GPS-activated device, but Revolar’s already onto bigger and better things. The company is looking for new ways to create new wearables dedicated to safety.

Waverly Labs

This small company came up with one of the most practical wearables out there. They raised hefty funds pretty quickly after creating a smart earpiece device that can translate languages in real time. People from all over the world could see the potential in this wearable. Waverly Labs will go down in history for having one of the largest wearable tech crowdfunding campaigns ever. And the company’s not letting it go to waste either, as they are currently working on another earpiece model that will be able to translate in real time without the use of mobile data or Wi-Fi.


There may be a lot of fitness wearables out there, but none like the devices from Motiv. The company creates smart jewelry for both women and men, packed with technologies commonly found in wrist-wearables. Their trademark piece is a titanium ring, but they plan on producing more jewelry options. The rings boast a battery life of 5 days and can track health activity 24/7. Many people are looking forward to what Motiv comes out with, with financial backers lining up around the corner to get in on the action.

Technology can do amazing things; it can offer convenience, entertainment, and even safety. That same technology has made its way into the things we wear every day, offering up an even newer level of innovation. The 5 wearable technology companies on this list are creating some of the best wearable technology on the market, and you should watch out for them.