Towards the end of every job interview, the interviewer will ask the candidate if they have any questions. It is important that an interviewee is prepared with several questions before any interview. This questions help a candidate get more insight into what the position would entail and what the organization they are applying to is like. It also shows a potential employer that the candidate is interested in the company and took time to research it and take some time to come up with some questions.

Questions to Avoid:

  • Anything that is on the job description or any other documents the employer has provided– it makes them think the candidate didn’t read what they were given.
  • Anything easily found online with a simple web search or on the company website– Employers may get the impression one didn’t do their homework before the interview.
  • Information about salary, benefits, days off, etc, unless the interviewer brings it up first– Do not give the employer the impression that one is only interested in the job for pay and benefits. Employers want employees that want to be apart of something, not someone only concern with getting paid.
  • Personal questions about the interviewer- Simply inappropriate to ask in a job interviewer, if one gets the position, they will have plenty of time to find get to know co-workers on a personal level.

Questions to Ask:

If I would be hired for the position what would my first thing be to do?

Are there any major changes/upgrades planned coming soon?

Could You Describe a Typical Work Day in the Position?

If I started tomorrow, what would my first priority be?

What is the next step and when will a decision be made?

What tools or software do you use?

What are the hours for this position?

How Many people work in this department?

What is the dress code for work?

If I get the position, would there be any training before I start or do I go right to work?

How Many people work in the company?

What is the Company Culture Like?

How would you describe success for this position?

How would you describe an ideal candidate for this position?

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