Brooklyn College: Bachelor in Computer Science

If you are looking for the ultimate academic and cultural experience at one of the nation’s leading urban institutions, look no further than Brooklyn College in Brooklyn, New York.

Founded in 1930, Brooklyn College has become one of the most renowned urban institutions in the United States. Students from all over the world flock to Brooklyn College to gain a heightened appreciation of life through a number of robust academic offerings and rich cultural contributions. In fact, Brooklyn College attracts more than 17,000 students from over 100 different countries, representing over 100 different languages, annually.

Brooklyn College offers more than 120 undergraduate and graduate degree programs for students looking to pursue careers in the arts, humanities, sciences, math, education and business sectors. Voted “Top 20 Best-Value College in the United States” by Forbes in 2015, each of the programs is led by world class faculty and staff. The programs pull from the local community to engage students and deliver the ultimate educational and cultural experience for lifelong learning, growth and success.

In addition to a robust academic program, Brooklyn College offers a number of other ways for students to pursue higher education. The College offers a wide range of specialty programs including an Honors Academy, First-Year Learning Communities and study abroad programs to China, Argentina and France (to name a few). Students are also welcome to participate in more than 100 outside organizations and clubs, including Greek Life, Division III athletic teams and intramural sports. Regardless of a student’s particular interests or desires, there is something for everyone at Brooklyn College.

Brooklyn College Accreditation Details

Brooklyn College maintains accreditation through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. All of the College’s academic programs are registered by the New York State Department of Education. Separate programs also maintain individual accreditation through nationally recognized agencies, as listed on the main website.

Brooklyn College Application Requirements

For students looking to gain admission into Brooklyn College as an incoming freshman, the application process involves the completion of an online application and submission of an application fee and all supporting documents. For consideration, students must submit:

• An online application through the City University of New York (CUNY) website
• A non-refundable $65 application fee
• High school or home school transcripts, depending on the situation
• SAT/ACT testing reports
• A personal statement and/or two letters of recommendation

The application process ensures that all aspects of academics and student involvement are considered. Prospective undergraduate students are required to submit all documentation by February 1st for the fall semester, and September 15th for the spring semester. Those students seeking entry into the Macaulay Honors Programs are expected to submit all required paperwork by December 1st at 6:00pm for fall consideration.
For students interested in applying to one of Brooklyn College’s 70 graduate degree programs, the application process is as follows:

• Complete an online application
• Submit a non-refundable $125 application fee

Students must also submit all required documentation:

• Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions where degrees were attained
• Two letters of recommendation
• A statement of purpose
• Resume
• SAT and ACT scores
• A completed portfolio

The GRE and GMAT scores are required by certain programs, but not all of them. Students should check with their prospective programs of interest for details. Completed portfolios are also not required for admission into many programs, although some of the creative art programs do require them. In special cases, Brooklyn College may waive the non-refundable application fee. Those who are interested in finding out more information about this waiver can check the website for more information and a list of exclusions.

Each of the graduate programs has different application submission dates, so students are encouraged to check with their prospective programs for deadline information.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition rates and financial assistance for students at Brooklyn College varies. Undergraduate tuition rates for the 2015-2016 academic years for full time, in-state students are $3,165 per semester. For part time, in-state students, the tuition is $275 per credit hour. Non-degree seeking students are required to pay $400 per credit hour, with no limit on the amount of hours sought. Students must provide proof of New York State residency to claim in-state tuition rates.

For both undergraduate non-resident and international students, the tuition rate is $560 per credit hour (with no limit) for full time students. Part time is also $560 per credit hour. The rate for non-degree seeking students is $840 per credit with no limit on the amount of credits attained. These rates do not include all required student and College fees.

The tuition rate for a full time, in-state graduate student is $5,065 per semester. The part time, in-state rate is $425 per credit hour. The tuition rate for non-resident and international full-time and part-time students is $780 per credit hour. This, again, does not include all required associated student and campus fees.

Financial aid is available to all students who seek financial assistance. Federal loans, grants and work study programs can all help students finance their education at Brooklyn College. Students are encouraged to submit all the necessary paperwork for early financial aid consideration.

Attaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science at Brooklyn College

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in Computer Science should consider the Computer Science program at Brooklyn College. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science prepares students for a successful career in a unique and constantly evolving industry.

Students in this program are required to take at least 60 credit hours of computer science, mathematics and information science to be considered for graduation, 24 of which need to be advanced level classes. Students in this program can expect a challenging academic curriculum led by highly trained and world-renowned faculty and staff members in an intimate setting for the best learning experience possible.

During their time at Brooklyn College, students are encouraged to expand their learning outside the classroom walls to experience all that New York City has to offer. With so many internships and employment opportunities in the computer science field, students can graduate Brooklyn College knowing that their future with computers is in good hands.


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