California State University Long Beach offers excellent educational opportunities that result in highly-valued degrees. It is a research-driven university that prides itself on scholarly activities, student engagement, civic programs and global perspectives. The university is noted for having a high graduation rate and low graduation time for master’s degrees. In fact, the university has one of the largest graduate student populations in the state of California. The university is located near the coast within Los Angeles County, but is very close to Orange County.

The university has approximately 140 bachelor’s degrees and 90 master’s degrees. California State University Long Beach is noted for being one of the most diverse universities in the Western states. It has one of the largest publicly funded art schools, but offers some of the lowest tuition rates in the country. The university originally started out as the Los Angeles-Orange County State College during the 1950’s. Today, the university receives almost 60,000 applicants every year and maintains an acceptance rate of approximately 36 percent.

California State University Long Beach Accreditation Details

-California State University Long Beach is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
-The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC).
-The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

California State University Long Beach Application Requirements

All applicants must have a high school diploma and an adequate eligibility index score, which is an internal formula that combines high school courses with SAT or ACT exam scores. All applicants must show they have taken the following college preparatory courses: two years of history and social science, four years of English, three years of math, two years of lab-based sciences, two years of languages and one year of visual and performing arts. Applicants who are science, technology, engineering and math Majors (STEM majors) must meet the minimum standards for the STEM eligibility index score. This means that admissions committees focus on quantitative skills, but local or military applicants are given priority.

The application process is quite simply. Prospective students must apply online, declare a major and submit their SAT or ACT scores and official transcripts. Students who are transferring from another college will need a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all course work attempted. They must have completed at least 60 semester or 90 transferable quarter units. They must also complete at least 30 semester or 45 quarter units to meet the general education requirements with at least a ‘C’ grade average. California State University Long Beach also offers their BEACH Pathways program that targets disadvantaged communities of individuals with low socioeconomic status backgrounds.

California State University Long Beach Tuition and Financial Aid

Fees and tuition are based on residency status, student standing and the number of units being attempted. Local students should expect to pay approximately $6,400 for tuition, $12,400 for lodging, $1,900 for books and $1,400 for travel fees. Non-local students will pay $9,600 for tuition and are charged approximately $370 per unit. All together, the annual cost for in-state students is around $22,900 and the cost for out-of-state students is $34,000. California State University Long Beach uses the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine financial needs. They also offer grants, loans, scholarships and Federal Work-Study programs. This includes direct PLUS loans, Federal Perkins loans and direct subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans.

The AB131 grant allows qualifying students who are eligible under the AB540 law to receive state funded financial aid. This comes in the forms of fee waivers, and Cal, Chafee and university grants. University scholarships, such as the AB130, allow non-local or international students to qualify for financial aid. Most important, the California Dream Act of 2011 offers financial aid eligibility for students who meet the AB540 criteria, but who do not have valid immigration statuses. The California Dream Loan program is a subsidized financial aid program for undergraduates who submit a valid Dream Act application.

California State University Long Beach’s Bachelor in Computer Science

The Bachelor in Computer Science program strives to prepare graduates to successfully enter and remain in California’s high-tech workforce. Students are trained to contribute through researching, designing and developing new software and computer solutions. Because California’s economy is driven by Silicon Valley, the program concentrates on teaching students how to develop innovative ideas and translate them into entrepreneurial projects and commercial products. The Bachelor in Computer Science program prepares graduates to effectively function as proactive team members and leaders in multicultural, interdisciplinary business environments.

The Bachelor in Computer Science program has very specific pre-requisite and pre-computer science course requirements. During the first year, all students must take advanced math, such as calculus or mechanics, and basic communication classes. Other mandatory classes include introductions to programming, computer engineering, critical thinking and digital logic. They must also learn about data structures, object orientated programming and computing applications. Science classes in electricity, chemistry and magnetism are required. Advanced computer science classes cover database fundamentals, operating systems, distributed computing, data algorithms and computer architecture and software engineering.

California State University Long Beach’s Student Experience

The university is warmly recognized for its dedication to quality activities and programs for students. The university maintains strong partnerships with external organizations and community groups in order to meet the needs of diverse students. The university openly commits to continued quality improvement and the optimization of academic resources for students. California State University Long Beach is considered to be an engaged campus because faculty, staff and students are actively involved in campus activities. Graduates and alumni are encouraged to maintain ties with campus programs and financially support the university.

In closing, California State University Long Beach is one of the state’s most popular academic options for bachelor and graduate degrees. The university’s STEM program produces competent students who significantly contribute to the local economy and organic commercial activities. California State University Long Beach’s Bachelor in Computer Science is an excellent choice for students interested in cutting-edge technology.


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