Chicago State University is a large public and state funded college located in Chicago, Illinois. Established in 1867 as a teaching school, it originally went by the name of the Cook County Normal School. Its founder hoped that bringing a new training school to the area would help local schools and provide students with adequate teachers. Though it changed locations a few times, it typically remained on the outskirts of the city and offered training programs in local schools. When it shifted its focus from teaching diplomas and certificates to teaching degrees, it became a state funded teaching college. As more students enrolled and the need for other programs grew, the school kept adding new programs and eventually became Chicago State University or CSU.

CSU is notable for the activities available for students. Many students are members of Greek organizations on campus and pledge fraternities or sororities during their freshmen or sophomore years. The university also has several NCAA sports team for both men and women, including basketball, golf, cross country and tennis. Those who prefer staying indoors will find activities ranging from a college newspaper and radio station to clubs for those who like movies or helping the community. CSU has a relatively low ratio of teachers to students and has around 470 professors teaching the more than 3,400 students who take its courses every year.

Chicago State University Accreditation Details

Before sending your application into Chicago State University, you may want to look at its accreditation. It is regionally accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Regional accreditation is important because it’s the type of accreditation required of those seeking federal financial aid. It’s also important for those who may want to transfer credits to another college and for those who want to attend graduate school after leaving CSU. CSU also has specialty accreditation from 10 other groups across the country. Accreditation for its nursing bachelor’s degree program comes from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc., and its music program has accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Music. Some of its other accreditation comes from the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Council on Social Work Education Office of Social Work Accreditation.

Chicago State University Application Requirements

As Chicago State University has a rolling admissions policy, you can actually apply right up until a few weeks before classes start. Traditional students who want to start in the fall can submit a completed application up until the beginning of August. Instead of asking that prospective students submit a paper application or use the university’s website, CSU requires that those students use the Common Application. This is a website application that lets you create an account, upload your information and fill out multiple sections. You can then search for all the colleges you want to apply to and see the requirements for each school. While you can use the Common Application to apply to multiple schools, you’ll need to pay the application fee for each one.

In addition to filling out the Common Application, CSU asks for an official transcript from your high school and any colleges that you attended prior to enrolling. Those who did not graduate high school can use the GED in lieu of a transcript. You must also submit your score from the ACT or SAT and write a personal essay statement of no more than 650 words. This statement should make mention of your past studies and future goals. Chicago State University also requires a letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor or high school teacher and payment of a $25 application fee.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The Truth in Tuition is a bill passed by Illinois that prevents colleges from increasing tuition rates for currently enrolled students. Chicago State University now guarantees that students will not face any price increases as long as they graduate within six years of enrolling. The university will only increase your tuition rates if it takes you longer to finish your degree. Tuition rates at CSU start at $277 per credit hour for students taking classes on campus who are residents of Illinois. Out of state residents, which refer to students who live outside of Illinois, pay tuition rates of $584 per credit hour. Full time students also face fees of around $1,600 a year, but you can save around $700 if you have health insurance.

Chicago State University offers financial aid packages to qualifying students who file the FAFSA and file all required paperwork before classes start. Students can borrow money from the government in the form of student loans and get grants that do not require any repayment. Those who live in Chicago or in Illinois can apply for state and city scholarships via the university’s website. CSU also has a work-study program that can help students make money for their college expenses.

Bachelor in Computer Science

The computer science program at Chicago State University is only open to students who maintained a 2.0 grade point average in high school and those who agree to take two introductory computer science courses during their freshman year. Once they meet those requirements, they can enter the program itself. Though the program asks that students take a minimum of 120 credit hours of classes, at least 39 of those credits must come from the general education required courses. Those courses teach students how to write and research at a college level and communicate more effectively with others. They’ll also need to take at least five credit hours of natural science classes.

The remaining credits needed for graduation must come from electives and required computer science classes. CSU gives computer science students the option of selecting from one of three professional tracks: web program and development, networks and communications or engineering for software and databases. At least six credits of classes you take must come from one of those tracks. You’ll also need to do some type of a thesis during your last year. Though some students write a traditional thesis research paper, others do their own comp sci project. Chicago State University also requires that computer science students pass an extensive test before leaving the university.

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