Prairie View A & M University is in Prairie View, Texas. It has been providing students with quality education for over 140 years. More than 50 academic undergraduate programs are available. In addition, 37 graduate and four doctorate programs are also available.

PVAMU offers students an opportunity to complete a bachelor-level Computer Science program. This is offered through the Roy G. Perry College of Engineering, which supports education, research, and industry innovation through many of the STEM fields.

Prairie View A & M University Accreditation Details

Prairie View A&M University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission. In addition to this institutional level accreditation, the Prairie View A & M University Computer Science bachelor program has received Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) of ABET.

Prairie View A & M University Application Requirements

To apply at Prairie View A & M University, students must have their official high school or GED transcripts sent to the administration office. Students must have a GPA of at least 2.75 of 4.00 to be accepted in the university. SAT scores are also required, with a minimum score of 800 or an ACT composite score of 15 or higher.

Transferring students with 15 or more credit hours from another university or institution must have a GPA of at least 2.0. It is also required that students have no academic probation or suspension from the other institution. Students must complete a State of Texas common application, pay a $40 non-refundable fee, and send their official transcript to the administration office.

Tuition and Financial Aid

For undergraduates at Prairie View A & M University, actual costs are difficult to calculate. For simplicity, it is assumed that students are taking 15 credit hours per semester. For students enrolled in more or fewer credit hours, costs may vary. There is also variation in room and board costs, residency status, and personal expenses. However, the Prairie View A & M University does offer an estimate of student costs.

For undergraduate programs, students who stay at home can expect to pay $17,082 per year. For students living on campus, costs are estimated to be $23,751. These estimates are for students who are a resident of Texas. Non-resident students in an undergraduate program expect to spend $37,069 per year if they live on-campus. The estimate to live off-campus is $36,022.

For graduate programs costs range from approximately $14,856 to $30,447 depending on residency and living arrangements. These costs are expected to increase slightly in the 2017/18 school year. However, final budgets are not available at this time.

Financial aid is offered both at the institution level and within the STEM-specific areas of study. All students of Prairie View A & M University are eligible for federal and state financial aid. This includes grants, scholarships, and student loans. Students have access to both undergraduate and graduate level financial aid from the US or Texas governments. Early application is recommended to ensure students have enough coverage for their classes.

For computer science degrees, there are other scholarship opportunities. With the growth in STEM fields, there is an ever increasing need for professionals in these areas of study. They include undergraduate and graduate program awards. Prospective and current students should rigorously explore the scholarships offered.

Many company funded scholarships are available to students of the Computer Science program. IBM, Microsoft, and ScanDisk are all proud to offer students financial support through their studies. These vary in amounts based on academic achievements and other factors.

Institutions are also responsible for many of the scholarships offered to students working towards a Computer Science degree. For a full idea of what is available, students should talk to their financial aid office.

These scholarships awards are based on many different criteria. For some, students must be able to explain in a written assignment, typically in the form of an essay. These explore student abilities from a different angle than test scores. Many STEM scholarships are unique in requiring a project as part of the application for a scholarship. This gives students a chance to show their hands-on skill to scholarship awarding entities. These scholarship applications may also be a part of a contest, with the best students awarded scholarship money.

Some of the scholarships available promote diversity within the STEM field. These scholarships target women in STEM, LGBTQ students, Latino and Hispanic students, and students with disabilities. These scholarships are awarded in an effort to help boost the underrepresented demographics in STEM fields.

Computer Science Program through Prairie View A & M University

The Computer Science undergraduate program at Prairie View A & M University is a four-year program designed to teach graduates the skills to succeed in a variety of technological careers. Students completing this degree are also encouraged to further their education at the graduate level.

In the forefront of this degree, students are taught how to use critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills to stay relevant in a constantly changing environment. With the ever evolving technological field, students focus on engaging in life-long learning skills. To complement their technical skills, students must demonstrate integrity in their actions. They are giving the training to handle professional, legal, security, and social issues that are regularly dealt with within the technological sector.

To complete the program, students must complete 122 credit hours. These courses work to complete the student’s required outcomes. The ABET, the accreditation body of the Computer Science program through Prairie View A & M University, has a detailed list of all proficiencies graduates must be able to demonstrate. These include demonstrable skills regarding mathematics, analytics, and problem-solving. Successful students must also be able to show their ability to work in group settings, communicate effectively, and create compelling presentations.

The faculty of the Computer Science program engages in many different aspects at Prairie View A & M University. The staff and faculty commit to providing quality learning experiences to their students; they are also engaged in research and professional leadership within the computer science and engineering fields. The combination of research and industry experience ensures students receive instruction that is relevant and current.

The Computer Science program boasts extremely small classrooms. With the total students enrolled in 2015 under 125 students, faculty can provide a unique and tailored learning experience. The Computer Science faculty and staff are committed to providing a worthwhile learning experience at the Prairie View A & M University.

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