Master of Science in Computer Science at Purdue

Purdue University appears in our ranking of the Top 30 Best Online Master’s in Computer Science Degree Programs.

The Master of Science in Computer Science at Purdue University is a program open to students who earned a bachelor degree in computer science from an accredited university and students who demonstrate proficiency with computers. The thesis computer science program requires that students take eight classes and complete a thesis. Most students use the thesis as a chance to write a computer program or app or to research an up and coming topic in the field of computer science. Students who elect to not do a thesis will need to take the standard eight courses and an additional two classes.

Purdue also offers a GoBoiler Internship program designed for students who want hands-on experience. This internship program is open to all students but is highly competitive. Students work with the research department on campus to develop new technologies used in medical, legal and other professional fields. Computer science graduate students can also apply for assistant and fellowship positions that help them pay for college. Those interested in living in another city or state can apply for admission to the online computer science program. Purdue ensures that online students have the same experiences as students on its campus do.

About Purdue University

Located in the western central portion of Indiana, Purdue University is one of the most reputable and largest public school systems in the state. Though it has its flagship campus in West Lafayette, it also operates several satellite campuses across the state. After the state passed a new act of legislature calling for new schools, John Purdue donated a large tract of land and several thousand dollars to found a new college. Purdue made his money from selling dry goods during the Civil War and to regular consumers later, and after he donated an additional $50,000, the school decided it name itself in his honor.

Purdue University now ranks both globally and nationally. It ranks within the top 100 schools according to U.S. News and World Report, and both Washington Monthly and ARWU ranked it within the top 50 schools in the nation. ARWU, QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education World University Rankings listed Purdue within the top 56 to 102 schools around the world. Though its total student population is now over 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students, Purdue remains selective with who it admits to its campus. Purdue admits only 60 percent of those who apply, making it one of the more selective public colleges in the United States.

Purdue University Accreditation Details

Purdue University originally received accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools back in 1913, and the university’s accreditation comes up for renewal every 10 years. The college received renewal every time the accreditation board reviewed its application. The review process typically consists of several steps. Purdue itself must form a board of professors and faculty members, and those board members gather the necessary information to show that it deserves accreditation. Some of that information may include a list of curriculum required for different programs, general education requirements, graduate school placement rates and job placement rates.

Like other colleges, Purdue University also received accreditation for some of its select programs and degrees. The Council on Social Work granted accreditation for its undergraduate and graduate social work degree programs, and the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology awarded Purdue accreditation for its engineering, computer science and similar degree programs. Its arts, business, and medical programs have accreditation as well. Those agencies went through the same steps as the HLC when determining whether to grant each individual program accreditation. Students interested in seeing a complete list of the accreditation awarded to Purdue University can check the school’s official website.

Purdue University Application Requirements

Purdue University operates its main flagship campus and four other campuses across Indiana. Though each school has its own application requirements, the requirements for admission to any of its graduate computer science programs are the same. Potential students must first fill out an online application and pay the application fee before submitting any necessary documents. Purdue requires that all students submit official transcripts from any college or university where they took classes and received course credit. The transcripts must come directly from those colleges, and Purdue will not accept photocopies.

Students must also submit a course history form, statement of purpose and three letters of recommendation. The statement of purpose is a short essay that students complete based on why they want to earn a degree and their future plans, while the course history form lets them list courses they took in college that apply to the graduate degree program they hope to enter. The letters of recommendation typically come from professors students worked with in the past or former employers. Some students may also want to submit a resume and/or diversity essay. These additional forms help provide the university with a basic understanding of the student and increase his or her chances of acceptance.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of attending graduate school is usually higher than the cost of attending an undergraduate degree program, and the same is true for students taking classes at Purdue University. Purdue charges a flat rate of around $4,000 per semester for graduate students taking a full course load. Those students are also responsible for paying a technology fee of around $100 per semester. Other fees include a student fitness, rehabilitation/repair, and student activity fees that total around $300. This brings the cost of tuition per semester to around $5,000 for Indiana residents. Those who live out of state will see their tuition increase to more than $9,000 a semester. The cost of room and board, supplies and textbooks can add even more to the amount students pay.

Purdue understands that college is expensive, which is why it encourages students to fill out the FAFSA as soon as possible. The Free Application for Student Financial Aid informs students of how much assistance they will receive in terms of paying for college. Most students qualify for several thousand dollars or more in student loans from the government that they do not pay on until graduating or leaving school. Parental loans, alternative loans, grants, and scholarships are also available.

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