University of Maryland University College is one of the only colleges in the country that actually started life as a distance learning program. The University of Maryland created a distance learning program in the 1920s that eliminated the residency component found in similar programs and required that students complete workbooks and other assignments from home. The university later established the College of Special and Continuation Studies in the 1940s, which later became UMUC. Though it later operated as a separate branch of the university, it later rejoined the UM School System.

As a distance learning school, UMUC focuses on offering programs and classes through its online system. It also has a head campus in Maryland, but of its more than 68,000 students, well over half of those students complete their degrees online without ever attending classes on campus. UMUC worked with the military to establish several branches overseas, which allows deployed military students to take classes and gain help while they do their duties. It also allows students to take classes at one of its satellite campuses, which are in the Washington, DC area and in several cities in Maryland. Ranked as one of the top schools for active and retired military men and women, UMUC estimates that its current enrollment with nearly double by 2018.

University of Maryland University College Accreditation Details

Though accreditation is important for all students, it is even more important for military schools. Far too many schools exist solely to take money from students and leave them with degrees that are nearly worthless. These schools offer credits for the real life experiences students have and promise military students that they can finish their studies while on active duty but later disappear with their money. The United States Department of Education strives to reduce the number of these schools by limiting the financial aid and assistance given to these schools and the students studying there.

Not only is UMUC approved by the U.S. Department of Education, but the campus also established itself as one of the best schools for those on active duty and current military personnel in the world today. It gained accreditation through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, which granted accreditation to the main campus, its satellite campus and its online program. It also has approval to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. The International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education granted UMUC accreditation for its Master of Business Administration program. The college also has accreditation for its distance education and information technology master degree programs.

University of Maryland University College Application Requirements

The University of Maryland University College seeks to make the application process easier for its students. All students who graduated from high school and did not receive academic dismissal from another college within the last two years may apply for admission. Students who did not graduate from high school but have a GED can also apply. UMUC requires that GED holders submit a copy of their test scores and that they meet the minimum scores required for admission. The minimum score needed varies based on whether students took the test recently or before 2002. Those applying to UMUC who want to transfer credits from another college must include a transcript that shows the student had a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in all the classes they took. Students with a lower GPA will find that the classes they scored lower in will not transfer. UMUC also reserves the right to place students with a lower GPA on conditional status.

Those applying for admission to one of the degree or certificate programs must complete and submit an application by the proper deadline, which is usually around one month before classes start. UMUC will work with students to ensure they have their financial aid set before they start their classes.

Tuition and Financial Aid

UMUC charges different tuition rates for all students. Both online and campus students pay tuition rates of $279 if they live in Maryland and $499 if they live outside of Maryland. The school charges this fee per credit hour. Full time students pay around $4,500 to $7,500 each semester. Those currently on active duty in a branch of the American military receive discounted rates and pay only $250 per credit hour they take. The military rate is also available to the children, spouses and other dependents of military men and women. The cost of textbooks, expenses, room and board are not included in that amount.

The college offers to work with students and help them pay for college. UMUC can bill employers or the military for students who receive tuition assistance or government benefits. Students may also qualify for financial aid through the government, but students will first need to fill out and submit the Free Application for Student Financial Aid. Full time students generally qualify for more financial aid than students attending part time will. Some of the government aid available to students include unsubsidized loans, subsidized loans, grants and parental loans. Students can also pay for UMUC through scholarship funds.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Since its early days, UMUC remained devoted to providing students with strong opportunities for the future. Many of the first programs it offered involved some type of career training that allowed students to enter the working world right after graduation. One of the professional degree programs that it now offers is a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. This 120 credit hour program also prepares students for taking the tests associated with certification in Java programming and MSCE. MSCE certification allows graduates to work with products from Microsoft and gain approval from that company before working with clients.

Though students can select a minor in any area they choose, UMUC recommends that students pick a minor in cybersecurity, digital media and web technology, mathematics or entrepreneurship. These minors can help students gain employment working for the federal government, in education fields or in dozens of other fields. Though 45 of the credits that students take are general education requirements, the remaining courses come from the computer science department and their minors. Some of the required computer science courses at the University of Maryland University College include data structures and analysis, introduction to discreet structures and computer systems and architecture.

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