There are numerous tools technologists need in their day to day  life, however there are some that they should always have with them. These ten items are the essentials technologist should always have to make their life easier and to get their job done more efficiently. In the past,  technologists needed to carry more  items, especially for research, but with mobile devices and mobile wireless internet, pocket-sized devices can be used for all one’s research needs.

1. Smartphone:  Smartphones are truly a game changer for technologists providing them with a device that is always connected to the internet, provided they have a cellular signal. Users can research information, communicate with others and complete many other tasks using apps.  Smartphones can replace a bag full of  items with a single device that fits in one’s pocket. Smartphones really are a technologist’s best friend.

2. Business Cards: Paper business cards may seem out-of-date in this digital age, but it is still good to carry a few if one encounters someone without smartphone or digital business card. For those who don’t have business cards from their employer, it’s a good idea to have cards made with contact information for whenever a networking opportunity arises. VistaPrint offers 250 Professionally printed business cards for as little as $10.

3. Thumb Drive: Thumb drives are one of the best ways to  transport data from one place to another and a must have for any professional tech. In addition to being one of the easiest way to transfer data, users can install Portable Apps to have one’s favorite apps with them everywhere they go. Thumb drives are inexpensive and are a greta thing to always have in one’s pocket.

4. Multitool/Swiss Army Knife: Swiss army knives or a pocket multitool takes some of the most essentials tools and fits them in one’s pocket. Pocket knifes are great for when one comes across anything that may require a quick fix and doesn’t want to get a full tool kit.

5.  Mobile Hotspot: Mobile hotspots can provide cellular internet access anywhere one has a cellular connection for all of one’s WiFi devices. Hotspots work like a portable, battery-operated wireless router allowing road warriors to connect laptops, tablets and other WiFI devices to the internet anywhere.  It is fairly expensive, however, for those who are constantly traveling and need internet access these devices are essential.

6. Pen and Paper: While we live in a digital world, there are times where a simple pen and notepad are the simplest way to record something. It is also probably one of the easiest ways to share information with others, as e-mails often get lost or incorrectly marked as spam.

7.  Backup Battery Pack: While all these portable electronics make life much easier, they all have a limited battery life and batteries tend to die somewhere plugging a device in is less than feasible. Portable battery packs and battery cases such as Mophie’s Juice Packs provide extended battery life while on the go. For users who use their battery-powered devices all day, it is a wise investment to prevent downtime.

8. Flashlight: Always a good tool to have one one’s self when running cable or looking inside a computer case. Smartphones also have flashlight apps available and iOS 7 will have one built in, however this will drain one’s battery more quickly.

9.  Phone and other Device Chargers: While the above battery packs are fantastic, if one is by a power source, wall and/or car chargers are always good to have on hand. USB cables for all of one’s devices and wall adapters are alway good to have on hand if the opportunity to charge arrises.

10. Earbuds: Earbuds are always good to have, whether checking audio issues one a client’s computer or to simply listen to some music while working.

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