With the average person relying more and more on technology to help manage all aspects of their lives, new apps are being developed every day, and it can be overwhelming to stay on top of the latest offerings. Sometimes finding the right app for the job can be a daunting task. Whether in college or at work, this list of the top 10 iPhone apps for computer science professionals and students can help you find that app.

codosaurus for iphone

1. Codosaurus

Sometimes you’re out and receive an alarmed call from a client saying the website broke. Usually this entails a drive back to the nearest computer, but with Codosarus, you can connect to the website through FTP and quickly fix the issue from the convenience of your phone.


css pro for iphone

2. CSS Pro Quick Guide

The CSS Pro Quick Guide is an essential tool in any web developer’s set. For developers new to CSS, the app provides an introduction to the basics of CSS while for the more experienced, the app is a wealth of information right at your fingertips.


textastic for iphone

3. Texstatic

A coder’s work is never finished. If you feel the itch to code while out on the road, you can do so with Textstatic. It supports over 80 programming and markup languages and makes it easy to connect to your code through FTP or even Dropbox.


nebulous notes for iphone

4. Nebulous Notes

Nebulous Notes is a text editor that’s ideal for taking notes, writing, and coding on the go. Boasting an intuitive design, this app is a good tool for those situations where you need to write something down. It also syncs with Dropbox, allowing you to access your projects from anywhere in the world with ease.


intro to cp for iphone

5. Introduction to Computer Programming

For students who prefer to learn at their own pace independent of a class, this educational app is a great resource. Including 13 lessons and 43 videos, it teaches the fundamentals of programming and an introduction to the C language.


learn java for ipod

6. Learn Java Programming

Written for absolute beginners, this educational app aims to teach Java, utilizing the convenience of a phone or tablet. With 19 topics ranging from variables to arrays, this is a crash course into the world of Java development whether it’s on the web, developing games, or even mobile device programming.


national cyber security for iphone

7. National Cyber Security for iPhone and iPad

This app, by LIGAAT Security, was created to help combat the growing threat of cyber terrorism. It’s a newsletter with over 200,000 unique viewers a month specifically to keep you informed of what’s going on in the cyber security world.


webr for iphone

8. Webr

Webr helps people create websites without needing all the technical know-how. Whether for beginners just starting off with a blog, or an experience developer who just needs to get something off the ground, this app makes that possible with only four easy steps to a published website.


seo search for iphone

9. SEO Search Ranking

For developers wishing to optimize SEO on their site, this app has a solution. It quickly scans rankings based on an input of an unlimited amount of keywords and spits back info and history reports for you to browse at your convenience.


gusto for iphone

10. Gusto Mobile – Code Editor and FTP Client

Gusto Mobile is a code editor that connects to your server through FTP and SFTP so that you can always have control of your website at the tips of your fingers. It has syntax highlighting for all major languages and includes ease of use tools such as a toolbar for frequently used keys.