As mentioned on my Keeping up with Tech News post, podcasts are a great way for technology professionals to keep informed of what is going on in the world of technology. Podcasts allow users to choose when and where they want to watch or listen their content. Podcasts can be consumed on one’s computer, smartphone, or tablet and keep them up-to-date on the latest technology trends. Below are a list of some of the best podcasts for technology professionals to keep up to date on the latest technology news and trends. The majority of the podcasts are from Leo Laporte’s TWIT network since they have such a variety of podcasts, but there are some from other sources as well.

1. This Week in Tech (TWIT) This Week in Tech, the TWIT network’s namesake and flagship show, covers all the top technology news with a panel of technology journalists.

2. This Week in Enterprise Tech (TWIET) This Week in Enterprise Tech is another TWIT network production hosted by Father Robert Ballecer. TWIET covers all the latest trends in Enterprise technology whether its a small business or a thousand person enterprise. TWIET also covers networking concepts, gear review and much more.

3. Security Now Security expert, Steve Gibson of GRC and Leo Laporte discuss security issues in incredible detail.  Topics include: encryption, privacy, security theory and more.

4. Know How Know How is a shows how to do a variety of “Do It Yourself” projects. Host Iyaz Achtar and Father Robert Ballecer guide you through projects step-by-step and provide detailed notes online as well.

5. Hak 5 Hak5 is another great podcast about doing things yourself and hacking. Hak5 shows how to exploit network issues, hack electronics and protect ones network from threats.

6. All About Android All About Android, as it’s name suggests, is a podcast coving al things about the Android platform. All About Android is hosted by Jason Howell, Gina Trapani of Lifehacker and company go over the latest Android hardware, apps and updates.

7. Macbreak Weekly Macbreak Weekly, hosted by Leo Laporte, Rene Richie and Andy Ihnatko, go over the latest announcements, news, rumors from everyone’s favorite Cupertino company.

8. Windows Weekly TWIT’s Windows Weekly podcast hosted by Leo Laporte and Windows fanatics, Paul Thurott and Mary Jo Foley, covers all the latest news, rumors and announcements from Microsoft.

9. iFive for the iPhone iFive for the iPhone is a short, ten minute show hosted by Sarah Lane of TWIT. iFive, as its name suggests, covers five things about the iPhone each week, whether they are app reviews, tips, or news.

10. iPad Today iPad Today is hosted by Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane and covers all things iPad. It also covers BYOD and using the iPad in a workplace environment.

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