computersciencebadgeComputer science is a deep and complex field that includes just about every aspect of computing. This blog resource guide’s goal is to provide readers with a list of high quality blogs written by some of the foremost professionals in the field of computer science.

These blogs, listed in no particular order, feature the passionate musings of some of the greatest minds in the industry from many of the major facets of the field.


Best Computer Science Blogs

1. Behind Enemy Lines is the blog of a computer science professional currently in business school. He tackles computer science issues from both the perspective of a computer scientist and a business professional.

2. A+ Computer Science is Cool! is the blog of Stacey Armstrong, a 15 year veteran of computer science education that is currently teaching at Cypress Woods High School in Texas.

3. The Advocate is the blog of the Computer Science Teachers Association. The blog focuses primarily on the state of computer science education.

4. Freedom to Tinker is hosted by Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy and provides readers with commentary on and analysis of emerging digital technologies and the state of technology policy.

5. Glencora Borradaile is an assistant professor in the School of Engineering and Computer Science at Oregon State University. Glencora’s blog covers a wide range of topics, mostly featuring content on high level computer science, teaching strategies and her thoughts on research and computer science news.

6. Haystack Blog is the blog of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and addresses topics inside and outside the computer science and artificial intelligence field, from cutting edge CS and AI research, to the way in which massive open online courses are changing the form and function of education in modern society.

7. Jason’s Computer Science Blog features many different types of content, from musings of the blog’s proprieter Jason Ernst on computer science, to guest articles from various computer science professionals and the occasional tutorial or guide.

8. My Biased Coin is a blog about the perspective of its author on computer science, networking, algorithms, information theory and just about anything else related to computer science.

9. Radford Neal’s Blog features the musings of its namesake author, a professor of Statistics and Computer Science at the University of Toronto. The blog’s subject matter is primarily scientific; mostly involving the technical aspects of statistics and computer science, and examining the relationship of statistics to computation.

10. Oddhead is the blog of David Pennock, a computer scientist that works at the intersection of computer science and finance. The blog features content about prediction markets, gambling, artificial intelligence, and the role of computer science in modern day society.

11. Process Algebra Diary features the opinions of its author on scientific papers, mostly relating to process algebra and computer science.

12. Comp Sci Gail is the blog of Gail Charmichal. The goal of the blog is to make computer science more accessible to everybody, but her particular passion is encouraging girls and women to develop their interest in the field and providing her readers with a female perspective on the industry.

13. Adventures in Computation blogger Aaron Roth is an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Pennsylvania. The blog focuses primarily on the interests of Aaron which include differential privacy, algorithmic game theory, learning theory, and algorithms.

14. Computational Complexity is the home of the musings of computer science professors William Gasarch and Lance Fortnow on the subjects of computational complexity, general mathematics, and computer science.

15. Computational Information Geometry Wonderland is a weighty blog, highly scientific in its subject matter, and highly regarded by people who utilize computational information geometry in the field of computer science.

16. Gödel’s Lost Letter is the blog of Georgia Tech Professor of Computer Science Dick Lipton and SUNY Buffalo professor Ken Regan. Both have years of experience in Computational Complexity and their blog is a forum on which they can share their excitement about the field with others.

17. Gowers’s Weblog is a heavily mathematical blog written by a member of the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics at Cambridge University. The primary focus of the blog is arithmetic combinatorics which has broad applications in the field of computer science.

18. in theory is the blog of Luca Trevisan, a professor of computer science at Stanford University. The blog addresses issues in education, mathematics and computer science while also covering the food and movie preferences of Luca.

19. Paul Goldberg is a computer science professional and his blog is a commentary on theoretical computer science, economics and academia.

20. Shtel-Optimized is the blog of MIT professor Scott Aaronson and it deals primarily with his thoughts and research on computational complexity ,and the potential of quantum computing.

21. The Geomblog is a blog featuring the musings of its author on computational geometry, algorithms, and theoretical computer science.

22. the polylogblog is a research blog addressing topics concerning data streams and is written by Andrew McGregor, an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

23. Prof. M. Saeed is a blog primarily dealing with physics as they apply to the field of computer science but also features socio-political content mainly focused on the Middle East.

24. The Endeavour is the blog of John D. Cook, a math professor, computer programmer, consultant and statistician. The goal of the blog is to provide a forum on which the author can apply his eclectic professional experience to various problems across various fields.

25. profserious is a blog featuring the author’s thoughts on engineering and computer science.

26. Female Computer Scientist is a blog about the challenges faced by women in the field of computer science and academia in general, as well as the joys of and strategies for overcoming those challenges. The blog also offers ample advice for women considering computer science and academia.

27. Google Research is an official Google company blog devoted to publishing Google’s research findings, not only on computer science, but many of the most important issues facing our global culture today.

28. Lambda the Ultimate is a blog devoted fully to the topic of programming language theory, programming languages, and programming language research.

29. Research Blogging is a collaborative weblog initiative designed to give researchers a forum for presenting and discussing their research and the research of others. The site has an entire section devoted to engineering and computer science and features high quality research content.

30. Turing’s Invisible Hand is a collaborative blog featuring the musings of six computer science academics from some of the top CS programs in the world. The primary content of the blog deals with algorithmic game theory and computation, and their relationship to economics.